About Monique, the author

Hello. I’m Monique, the writer of Weirdo Publishing. I have been writing stories since I was very young – mostly about fantastical creatures, magical powers and brave yet introverted people. Most of my stories will still feature introversion and magic in some sense.

If I’m not writing, I’m reading, bullet journaling or writing to do lists.

why we chose to start our own publishing house


We wanted to keep creative control over all our books.


We wanted to work together on our stories. Bram as the illustrator & Monique as the writer.


The opportunity to genre-bend. We wanted to publish books in different genres.

About Bram, the illustrator

Hi. I’m Bram, the illustrator behind Weirdo Publishing. I have been illustrating for many years now, with a focus on fantasy illustrations & comics. On my personal Instagram account I share more of my personal & Donald Duck illustrations.

Aside from the books we publish for Weirdo Publishing, I also offer my illustration services to other (indie) authors who are looking for book covers or book illustrations.

For Questions, Suggestions and collaborations: